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Ship Charlotte AE

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Add Ship Charlotte, a movable ship home to the Solitude Lighthouse that you can use as your home.

By operating the Wheel, you can move to various parts of Skyrim Solsheim (18 locations in total).

By activating the carriage at Solitude Base, you can land the Charlotte to Lake Iinalta and Lake Honrich.

Ship Charlotte was created as an AE successor to ShipAnastasia.

In addition to inheriting the concept of a movable house that ShipAnastasia had, the interior and exterior optimization greatly expanded the interior space, and also supported the content added in the Skyrim AE version: fishing mode and survival mode.

◆Movable Location

-Sea of Ghost-

Solitude Base(initial position)




Castle Volkihar

-Solostheim island-

Raven Rock


Skaal Village

The Anastasia Dockyard

Northshore Landing

-Lake Ilinalta-

Lakeview Manor

The Guardian Stones (Standing Stones)

The Lady Stone

BlittleSingh Pass

Ilinalta Western Shore

-Lake honrich-


Heartwood Millfaruda

Faldar's Tooth

◆Ship equipment


・The bow on the player's throne

・The stern on the Craft equipment

・Onsen with NPC automatic undressing function (on / off from maintenance hatch on board)

・Swimming steps for fishing


・Weapon Rack


・Fishing Rod Display Shelf

・Alchemy Craft space

・Living room with fireplace

・Cooking space




・Dagger's Exhibition Box

・Shower room


◆Attention (during installation and during update)

I require to clean save and recommend of the new game.

This mod is for Skyrim Anniversary Edition. AE/Creation Club content is required.

※1 After moving, If your followers don't follow you. Once into the on board or Please fast travel to the same place.

※2 If you get off The Ship Northern Maiden(Raven Rock),The Safety box in the key, will be there on your side.

◆For Xbox Version Mods

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