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Ship Anastasia

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I created a small ships that you can be used as a home near the Solitude Lighthouse.

The house can be moved.You able to go to around the Skyrim and Solstheim by operating the rudder in the deck.

There is the control panel next to the rudder. You can change the menu by using the switch on the control panel.

Activate a carriage in Solitude Pier, You able to carry the Ship Anasutasia by land transportation in Lake linalta and Lake honrich.

◆Arrival Location

-Sea of Ghost-

Solitude Base(initial position)

Hidden Place Of The Knight(entrance→ The Hidden Place of The Knight is straight down from The Ship Anastasia. There is on the bottom of sea.)




-Solostheim island-

Raven Rock


Skaal Village

Northshore Landing

-Lake Ilinalta-

Lakeview Manor

The Guardian Stones (Standing Stones)

The Lady Stone

BlittleSingh Pass

Ilinalta Western Shore

-Lake honrich-


Golden Forest Onsen (Add Location & Automatic undressing)

Heartwood Mill

◆Ship equipment

- deck-

The bow on the player's throne

The stern on the Craft equipment

-On board the ship-

Any kind of exhibits shelf(9 shield, 3 arms, 1 mannequin)

Dragon Claw,Dragon Priest Masks,Deidra Artifact, Elder Scroll,Blackbook, Ysgramor, Staff of Magnus, Amulet of the Divines, Paragon, The White Phial, Pelagius’ Hip Bone, Skull Key, Initiate’s Ewer, Draw Knife, Auriel’s Bow, Auriel’s Shield, Nightingale Bow, Nightingale Blade, Bloodskal Blade, Kolbjorn Barrow skull, The Gauldur Amulet, Necromancer Amulet, Amulet of Articulation, Keening, Argonian Handmaiden, etc…

Bed, cooking tool, exhibits shelf, Automatic undressing for NPC (ON/OFF), Rest room.

◆Recommended Mods

Ship Olivia

◆Attention (during installation and during update)

I require to clean save and recommend of the new game.

Not compatible with Before version3.2 to after version4.0 (ESP) .

Before version3.2 to after version4.0 at the time of updating, Please definitely clean save.

※1 After moving, If your followers don't follow you. Once into the on board or Please fast travel to the same place.

※2 If you get off The Ship Northern Maiden(Raven Rock),The Safety box in the key, will be there on your side.

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